Robertson Accommodation Guesthouse

Hiking Trails


The short hike - 1 km

This is for people who just want to stretch their legs and get a glimpse of what is happening on the farm. They walk past the pack shed & workshop, crossing the big irrigation canal that is feeding the valley up to Ashton. The route will take you through the vineyards, plum & peach orchards towards the 2 historic graveyards where ancestors of the Bruwer family are buried. On your way back to the main house you can visit the old still that has been restored.


2.5 km Hike

This route takes you past the grave yards alongside the canal through vineyard & orchards to a historic stone bridge over the canal on to where the canal goes into a siphon underneath the Willemnels river. Then you will follow the Willemnelsriver for 1/2 km and go back with a loop through vineyards. You will enjoy the fresh air, birdlife, if you are lucky small buck or a hare on route.


3.5 km Hike to the Breede River

This hike takes you straight past the grave yard towards the Willemnels river. You will follow the stream till where it joins the Breede river. From there you will follow it upstream to the fence of the Silwerstrand estate and then you will follow another route back to the Guesthouse. This route will take you over several neighbouring farms with the permission of the owners. You will cross and be able to experience some of the best farm land in the area.


4.4 km Hike to town centre and back

To walk to town is a different experience than taking a hike on the farm. There is nice paved walking lane next to the main road with street lights from Randrivier all the way to town. If you want to get the exercise and meet the locals along the road, this hike/walk is a must. The route will take you into town via Voortrekker road past the Shell garage & shopping centre. You can then turn left into Paul Kruger Street towards the town centre. If you then take a right into Church street walk to Reitz Street and right again down to the Tourist office. You can then follow Voortrekker road towards Randrivier.


2 km to the nearest Restaurants and Back to Randrivier

For the adventurous and people who would like to enjoy their wine and do not want to drive back after that, it is quite safe to walk in to town for dinner in the evening with street lights on the whole way. It also helps to burn some calories after a big meal.


Hiking around the golf course - 6 km

This route will take you down to the Golf course. Just before you cross the canal you turn right into the Trek path all along the fence to where it ends. Turn left in a farm road, again along the fence. The first road right to the dam. Around the dam to your left all along the irrigation furrow that supplies us with water from Brandvlei dam. Walk just passed the next dam anf turn left with the vineyards on your right and the golf estate on your left. Proceed to a farm road and turn left passed the Silwerstrand camp site onto the main road back to Randrivier. This route is also nice for jogging and for cycling.


The Trek Path To Ram Isle and back - 10.5 Km

This is for people that want to do the distance. The route will take you also around the Golf estate but with a longer route through farm land and then to the interesting Eiland section that takes you onto the Ram island. This section can also be done on its own if you drive your car to the entrance of the eiland, then park it there and then do the 2.5 km hike to the Ram island. This can also be done by joggers and cyclists.


To the Affi Plaas farm stall and Back - 0.5 km

The Affi Plaas (meaning - from the farm) Farm stall is one of the most popular farm stalls in the Western Cape. It is open From Sunday to Friday from 07:00h to 18:00h. They have a huge range of fresh fruit, farm products, wine, and lots more. Well worth a visit while staying at Randrivier!